PARISH REGISTRATION  –  The new Family has to contact the Parish Office with the online form duly filled in with a letter from the earlier Parish stating that the said Family was registered with that Parish and would be shifting to this Parish with effect from(Date specified).  The Office once approached will issue Support Card once the Church Support is duly paid.  Online Form

HOUSE BLESSING – Blessing of houses is done by the Priests only with prior appointment given in the Church Office.  Any Family who would like to Bless their house can do so by informing the office or Priests atleast a week in advance.  The Family who has requested for  House Blessings must accompany the concerned Priests from the Church to the house.

CHURCH SUPPORT – All Parishioners, new or old need to pay a specified monthly amount per family inorder to support the Church.  The records of the monthly contribution is maintained on a Church Support Card which maintains the records for 3 years. This card Is given to each Family at the time to New Family Registration and is maintained ever since.

SACRAMENT REGISTRATION –  For the purpose of receiving any Sacrament, a parishioner must register in the Church Office with the duly filled in online form for the respective Sacrament.  All the rules and regulations for the respective sacrament must be read and duly followed.  Prior appointment of the date and time for administering the Sacrament is given to the Parishioners and they are required to be present at the Church 15 minutes before the appointment time given.

PARISH RECORDS – We have over 600 Families in our Parish which geographical is very wide spread.  The Church Office maintains a systematic personal record of all the Families in the Parish.  All records relating to education, career, sacraments received, talents and other related details.