Our Parish of St. Mother Teresa Church has a long and eventful history spreading nearly three decadesWe were initially an unborn baby being part of our Mother Church, Holy Spirit Church, Nandakhal.  We then became a part of the Resurrection Church, Virar East which is serviced  by the SDB Priests till the diocese declared Virar West as a separate Parish and thus saw the inception of St. Mother Teresa Church in the year 2007.

Mrs. Sunita Tuscano, then, donated 7 gunthas land for the construction of the Church.  The Foundation Stone was laid by Bishop Thomas Dabre in the year 2009.  The struggles and the plight of the parishioners did not end there.  It continued for 7 more years, moving from place to place in order to celebrate our Holy Eucharist.

The St. Mother Teresa Church was finally inaugurated on 1st February 2015 by His Grace, Archbishop Felix Machado.  The then Parish Priest, Fr. Michael Rosario, toiled in making this dream a reality.

Ever since, our Parish has grown  tremendously.  We approximately have nearly 2000 parishioners currently in our Parish.  With an annual growth of 15% every year in parishioners and our creative and inspiring Priests, our Parish has developed over 60%.  Thus, expanding our Church to service the growing Parish under the watchful eyes of His Grace, Archbishop Felix Machado, became more of a necessity to us.  The Bishop House, thus purchased additional land to help in serving this ever growing Parish.