Religious Head – Fr. Louis Fernandes
Laity Head – Mrs. Vinny Picardo

Our lectors are well represented from the different communities, to proclaim the Word Of God at the Holy Eucharist.  They are empowered with continuous training from time to time on the Liturgy and the proclamation of the Word Of God.  Our lectors follow a pre-determined schedule for the various masses.

  All lectors must follow all the approved Guidelines For Lectors:

  • One must be grateful that a lector is selected by God to proclaim the Word of God.
  • Love the Word Of God and read the Bible, at least one Chapter daily.
  • Spend one hour in prayer to be guided by the Holy Spirit in the right direction
  • Join the Bible classes and study the Bible
  • Before Lector ordination, please reconcile and stay away from sin
  • Lectors are for service and proclamation of God’s word.
  • Read the passage 3 times, grasp the meaning & know the emotions expressed.
  • Decide on which word or sentence you need to emphasize
  • Proclaim in front of others and take their opinion
  • Be distinct and clear while reading. Your voice should be heard till the far end of the Church, yet not too loud. Do not speed or lower your voice at the end of the sentence
  • Wear decent clothes while proclaiming the word of God
  • Bow in front of the Lectionary and not the altar
  • Adjust the mike and take a look at the faithful
  • Breathe properly. Breathe from the lungs and not from the chest.
  • Do not read : This is the 1st reading or 2nd reading or the theme at the start.
  • Proclaim clearly and in such a way that the faithful understand the punctuation marks
  • Proclaim spiritually so that the Word of God touches the mind of the faithful.
  • Pause for 5 seconds after each sentence. When you reach the end of the reading pause for 8 seconds and then say the Word of the Lord
  • The day you are selected to read, please be present in the Sacristy 10 minutes before the mass & get familiar with the passage
  • Hold the Bible high and join the procession with the alter servers and priest
  • Sit on the 1st bench in front of the altar
  • If you are unable to read on the schedule day, please arrange for a replacement (ordained Lectors).

List of registered lectors: Click here