Religious Head – Fr. Louis Fernandes

Our Ministers of Communion are service oriented people.  They bring hope to the sick and the home bound of our Parish when they take communion to them. They spend time in listening to them and helping them.  Our Ministers of Communion are the angels who bring that healing smile to all the sick and home bound of our Parish.

We have only 19 ministers of the communion:

  1. Sylvie George
  2. Jacintha D’Souza
  3. Irene Machado
  4. Elizabeth Rodrigues
  5. Sr. Preetam
  6. Sr. Rosita
  7. Sr. Neelam
  8. Sr. Namrita
  9. Virginia Fernandes
  10. Lynnete S.
  11. Richard Pacheco
  12. Regina Chettiar
  13. Allen Rodrigues
  14. Jenny Mendis
  15. Faustina Alvares
  16. Annie D’Souza
  17. Fatima Nathan
  18. Victoria Pais
  19. Veronica Rodrigues