Our Parish is multicultural  having 600 families spreading over an expanse  geographical area of 40 sq km.  Our families though, are mainly migrants, speaking different languages and hailing from different cultures but are united in one Baptism, one faith, one Eucharist and one Lord. The primary objective of St. Mother Teresa Church is to build a Christian community of all families, based on the Gospel values, building the Catholic, rather Christian, community on the grounds of love, fellowship, service, unity and prayer.

A community, normally has its own physical, emotional, environmental and socio-cultural needs. Unity is an essential part of forming a community.  If this essence is lost, the community loses its soul.  The Church has discovered the role of the Small Christian Community and has felt the need for sharing the Gospel, reflection, prayer and service for  the fulfillment of the  community needs.

Due to the rise of individualistic attitude and globalization, the situation demands that the value of community building be maintained.  Our Parish is divided into 19 zones.  Each zone elects a leader for 5-6 families, and among these elected leaders, one is selected on the PPC for the zone.

The Priest encourages and motivates the community, visits the families in the zone and highlights the importance of maintaining cooperation of the entire community.  Adequate training of the leaders in leadership, administration, pastoral care, prayer and service is given from time to time.

The members meet monthly to pray, reflect and plan to ensure  that the community becomes more prayerful, service oriented and spiritually-mature.  The SCC selflessly serves the families, youth, children and Sr. Citizens and enhances the community to be more vibrant.