SMT Youth

Director:  Fr. Louis Fernandes

The group meets every 2nd Sunday of the month and additionally as and when required.

Vision:  To revive the youthfulness of young boys and girls and challenge them to revitalize their energy and talents to be true Christ like youth in the modern technological world.  Youth may become motivated inspiring zealous according to the sings of the time.

Mission: To channelize the energy of the youth in the right direction to build God’s kingdom and to build a better world. Their innumerable God given talents be used for the good of the society.

Membership: Young people between 16 to 30 years of age fall into this category. They are active and eager to accomplish their goals.  Youth can commit themselves to Christ and can enrich themselves and the community through their talents.  They serve the Parish and are linked to the Diocesan level as well.  Our youth balance their studies and careers and actively participate in the Parish activities.

Activities: Formation programs, Paper Drive, Aware- unaware program, Talent Contest,  The Parish Festival, The Community Day (Food Fest), Entertainment programmes, Summer Camps,  Attending retreat , etc.

Core team

Youth director

  Fr. Louis Fernandes


Johnathan D'souza

Vice President

Simon Fernandes

 Glazy Fernandes

Assistant secretary

 Doniff Gill


  Aloysius Quadros
Cultural head

 Melinda Fernandes

Assistant Cultural head

Benora D'souza

Liturgy head

  Samantha Joseph
Assistant Liturgy head

Caroline Chettiar

Lady Animator

  Sr. Namrata

Couple Animator

  Danny and Renita Miranda
Yuvadarshan representatives

   Doniff Gill,Simon Fernandes and Clive D'souza

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