Baptism is the first of the three Sacraments of Initiation. It is the sacrament in which by water and the power of the Holy Spirit a person is cleansed of all sins, including original sin, and experiences birth into the new life of Christ.  The Sacrament of Baptism is the first step in a lifelong journey of commitment and discipleship.  Baptism is given as children or adults.

Child Baptism

Days: Sunday morning at 10:00 AM

Preparation – Expectant parents need to prepare themselves spiritually as they prepare to welcome their child into this World and God’s discipleship.  The parents need to register in the Church office in the fourth month of pregnancy with the Registration Form for Baptism.  The parents and god-parents are given pre-baptism catechism.

  • Catechetical sessions
  • Spiritual care of the child before birth, Biblical examples of faith and lives of saints
  • Sacrament of Baptism according to scripture, – Old Testament covenant and circumcision – to be molded, shaped and be colored in Christ – to live a life of Christ.
  • Liturgy of the Baptism, Liturgical symbols be understood
  • What is the canon law about baptism and how to grow in faith after Baptism.


  • Choose Godparents locally who are confirmed in faith.
  • God parents must not be from abroad and non Christians.
  • Formation is a must for both Parents and God-parents
  • They must be Baptized Catholic


This is a program which assists adults wishing to be incorporated into the life of Christ and His Church.  The adults registers with the Registration Form  in the church and are helped through the year on catechists and Priests.  After the Catechumenate receives detailed explanation and training of the creed, sacraments, commandments, the Bible and the prayer life of the Church, the candidate receives the sacraments of Adult Baptism at Easter.

Guidelines for Catechumenate 

  • He or she must be ready to attend faith formation on all Sundays from June till Easter.
  • Normally the session is for one hour. Full Day sessions are conducted on three Sundays a year
  • An affidavit for adults is essential.  Children are exempted.
  • All must wear  white garments on the day of Easter.
  • All adults will receive Baptism, Confirmation and Communion on Easter day.
  • After a month they can receive Confession.
  • Children will receive Baptism only
  • After Baptism, it is recorded in the Registration Book and a certificate will be issued
  • After Baptism Sunday Mass is compulsory .
  • After Baptism recording in the book of registration and you can get a certificate