This Sacrament is given to Children who are in Std. 4 or who is 8 years of age.  Their Faith formation begins in the Std 3 and continues in the Std.4. Sunday school is compulsory for the child. They need to register on April 1st in the church office and attend the small course that begins in the third week of that month. Parents are called for three meetings and  are given a letter each, to know their responsibility which needs to be fulfilled. Parents need to teach them all prayers in English.

Requirement Details

Enrolment ---- April 1st.

Age--- 7 years completed or candidate should be in standard IV

Language --- English

Attendance— 100% attendance needed at classes + projects

Parents meetings

3 meetings of parents will be held - One at the beginning, second in mid August and third in late October which is compulsory for all parents. Their presence for first meeting will be appreciated

Communion date -   3rd Sunday in November

Essentials - Communion book and prayer card needed.  Rosary, candle and Scapular will be given by the Church. Certificate will be given in April


  • No private communion encouraged.
  • No excuse considered for absentees