The St. Mother Teresa Church Family Cell was founded in Our Parish in 2017 with a motto of being a light in one’s own family and other families of our Parish. The Family Cell meets once a month on the 3rd Sunday of the every month.

Mission – The mission of St. Mother Teresa Church Family Cell is to build, nurture and enrich relationships within & across the families of our Parish through Understanding, Communications & Catholic Values.

Vision – The vision of St. Mother Teresa Family Cell is to empower families spiritually, emotionally, peacefully, economically & Empowering relationships between Husband & Wife, Parent & Children/ Youth and Children & Children.

Religious Head – Fr. Prakash Rumao

The co-committee with the guidance of the religious head, Fr. Prakash Rumao  meets regularly to discuss and plan the monthly Meetings and other programmes.  The SMTC Family cell caters to healthy families, hurting families, single parent families, Widow Or Widowers, etc. The family cell is very  innovative and vibrant.  It is linked with the diocesan Family commission.

Activities –
  • Baptismal catechesis to the parents and Godparents of the children to be baptized.
  • Half a day or whole day Sessions married & for youth and parents,
  • Half day and whole day Retreats for Couples, Children and parents etc.
  • Instruct the couples to be married and organise programs for the young couples
  • Promote young couples for retreats
  • Family Day Programme on the Feast of the Holy Family.