A baptized Catholic who is registered and is sick or bedridden and wants to be healed and receive strength to fight against the sickness can call for the priest of the church and ask to be anointed.  The priest that receives the call anytime of the day or night may attend the call and perform the sacrament. This is an important time as the sick person receives three sacraments at a time i.e. Confession, anointing and the Holy Communion. This sacrament is given when the person is very sick or dying.  It can be repeated after six months

Funeral Guidelines

The church does not have a well maintained Catholic private cemetery but it is in process and our top priority.  Our Parish shares the Agashi Church Cemetery for the burial.  The parish priest must be informed about the death of registered person and the date and timing of the funeral.  The grave charges and the grave digging charges with the medical certificate must be settled with the church office.  If you wish to have any mass after the death, for the soul of the person, please contact the office.